Monday, February 15, 2016

*Hallie turns 1*

Hallie's twelfth month:
*January 2015*

- says “dog” and “dad” – sits on knees  does not keep socks or headbands on – got ears pierced! – occasionally can stand alone  loves walking with toy walker – can go backwards down stairs  likes to stand and reach for piano keys – NEW TRICKS: “so big” with arms,  plays peek-a-boo alone, dances!, Can be “shy” – still loves dogs! size 2 shoes – 3rd tooth broke the surface –

  Tell me it isn't true... one!? 
   How did that happen? 
   I cannot believe this little thing is already 1!
      Parts of this last year are a blur and parts I can remember as if it were yesterday. This last year has been amazing and hard and scary and fun and has brought many tears (happy and sad), even more laughs and more joy then I ever thought possible! I seriously didn't know this kind of love existed, and I am a better person today because little girl came into my life. I love her more than words can say. I have enjoyed watching her grow this first year, and I look forward to the years to come. Happy birthday my sweet Hallie girl. We love you so much! xoxo

      p.s. i swear this girl has more pictures of her during her first year than i have of myself throughout my entire life! Get ready for overload! 

We celebrated her day by getting her ears pierced, looking at dogs (she is obsessed), buying her a fish, and having a birthday party!


*Hallie's first christmas*

Hallie's eleventh month:
*December 2015*

- snuggles again occasionally yay! – loves dogs, and pointing to dogs in books  waves! – copies what we do – claps! – sucks from straws  walks along furniture  obsessed with the Christmas tree – starting to open cabinets and drawers – favorite book is “100 first words”  size 9-12 month clothes points, points, points – loves watching videos of herself –

Started the month off picking out christmas trees and meeting santa...

...and ended up in shorts and short sleeves in Arizona for Hallies first christmas! 
We had everyone expect Lando and Becs this year, sad they couldn't make it but we still had good company, great weather, and a memorable first holiday season with our baby girl!

Merry Christmas!